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Business Hours9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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When can I move in?

It depends upon the availability of the space matching your requirements.  Once confirmed you can move in anytime
How do I pay my bill?
We accept cash, personal check or credit card as a form of payment. Invoicing and payments can be made online, mailed in, or dropped by our office.
Can I use the unit to store warehouse type materials?
Yes.  We currently have business clients who need additional space for their overflow of inventory or equipment. No hazardous materials are permitted in your storage unit.  We have also had clients who have used units to store the contents of their home while their new home is being constructed.
Are the units climate controlled?
No, these units are not heated or air conditioned.
Can I work on my car/vehicle in my storage unit?
Using the unit as a “shop” is not permitted.  It is to be used strictly for storing your car.  You can take it in and out as often as you like but doing work on the vehicle is not permitted.
Is there electricity in each unit?
Yes.  Each unit has an electric receptacle.
Are there any restricted Items?
Yes, hazardous materials are not approved for storage in our facility. No illegal or controlled items of any type may be stored.
When can I enter my storage unit?
You can enter your storage unit at your convenience.  Storage unit clients are given there own key to enter there units as needed. You have access to it 24/7.  There are lights inside the unit(s) that are motion activated.  There are overhead lights outside on the grounds for your security.